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In this era of globalization, it is our responsibility to help protect the only home we have.

The Optimax Planet Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps experts and NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) to preserve and improve the environment at all levels.  We’re not environmental experts but we support those who are! 

Our hope is to increase awareness and sensitize everyone to AEW : Air Earth Water

A perfect ongoing cycle, helping to improve the AEW  directly benefits all of us while improving the habitat of numerous protected animals and/or endangered species for future generations. Our goal is breathing cleaner Air,  Cultivating a more fertile Earth and drinking Water that is more pure.

Healthier plants, waterways and soil makes for a better world to live in for the short, medium and long-term. We  can all reap the rewards!

The word ‘Environment’ is a part of our everyday dialogue and the decision-making process concerning the economy, industry, energies and transport.  The natural habitats of numerous species are constantly threatened to the point of endangering emblematic species who are represented in the new series of Optimax Visa* Prestige cards.

The Optimax Planet Foundation is putting its shoulder to the wheel. For each card issued, the Foundation will receive a donation from Optimax Visa* .

Let’s concentrate our efforts towards a cause that surrounds us and touches us directly in our daily lives …our environment!

A gesture for the environment

Optimax Visa* and its concerned partners work with electronic documentation whenever possible.  We have reduced our use of paper and printouts by 60% and we use online electronic signatures in an effort to spare thousands of trees.