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It is not only time that influences your credit bureau record, but also your list of financial activities that demonstrates your ability to obtain and meet your financial obligations with regularity DURING A PERIOD OF TIME. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that your credit file is in order and contains no errors concerning your information, debts, late payments and/or collections, all of which can negatively affect the calculation of your score and debt ratio.

Presently, banks and financial institutions may require a minimum of 3 or 4 diversified financial commitments in your credit record with an R1 credit rating and a score of over 700 points with Beacon, Fico, Power or ERS.

The Optimax Graduation program helps you to build or rebuild your credit record by giving you access to services that meet your needs. To achieve your goal, you have the option of accessing more than 4 active financial commitments within a maximum period of 24 months. Every credit card, personal loan, self-directed loan and credit margin that is part of the Optimax Graduation program represents a financial commitment.

*Each creditor registered in your file as a financial commitment shows your ability to repay your financial obligations with the best rating being R1 and the worst being R9.

How to Graduate towards standard credit?

The granting of standard credit, which often has lower interest rates, occurs when your credit record has become acceptable, you have displayed sufficient credit history and your credit rating approaches 700 points

The Optimax Graduation program offers you the expertise you need to build or rebuild your credit and rapidly regain standard credit. The program is built to adapt to your unique situation and to the needs of your credit record. You will receive financing to help you achieve a favorable credit history and you will learn how to reach your goals step by step until you graduate!