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Qualification for the co-branded corporate credit card program is now available for businesses, associations, foundations or sports organizations who want to display their logos on the credit card!

To learn more, please fill out the form below or contact us at 1-844-411-3003

Fundraising campaigns, Marketing, Customer Loyalty and Services

The Optimax co-branded corporate credit card program allows qualified co-branding companies to use the card as a promotional tool to enhance their businesses. The program allows co-branders to offer an Optimax credit card to card users based on their objectives.

Each program is thoroughly evaluated and custom-built according to the needs of both the co-branding company and the card users.

A co-branded Optimax credit card program can be tailored to help users generate financial support towards a worthy cause at a pace that is right for them

Another bonus! A donation to the Optimax Planet Foundation will be made for each Optimax credit card issued.